Tips On Wise Systems Of Women Shoes

feature1-10-46d50a261b1bca4d.jpg "We're staying at the [Salvation Army's shelter]," she says. She met her fiancee Randy who says he's a former MMA fighter, as well as missionary, "spreading the word of god" in July, in Bakersfield. He'd been to Colorado Springs before, and said the shelters here were "a little bit better" than California's. They arrived here on November 3. They sleep in separate dorms, but spend time together in between chores and outside the shelter. What do you hope to do now? Randy draws Social Security. Stacey says she's waiting for state assistance money as well as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), as she suffers from "depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD from what happened to me, and I have multiple personalities, to a point, not different names, but I act different in certain areas." Randy says he'd like to work with selling Obama Phones [the program which provides low-income, struggling people with free cell phones]. The two are currently saving money, with the shelter's guidance, and hope to afford an apartment or rental house soon, and a car, "to get on our feet." (Randy wished not to be photographed.) What items do you own? Stacey leaves her clothes at the shelter.

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