A Useful Overview Of Trouble-free Buddhist Plans

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Addressing crowds in Sanliurfa, near the border with Syria, Erdogan reiterated claims that unidentified forces wanting to forestall Turkey's rise were behind such attacks. (Yasin Bulbul/Presidential Press Service, Pool photo via AP) More ISTANBUL (AP) Turkey has dismissed more than 8,000 civil servants for alleged ties to terror organizations, in the latest purge under a state of emergency imposed following the failed July 15 coup attempt. The latest dismissals were announced on the Turkish government's Official Gazette late Friday. They include 2,687 police officers, 1,699 Justice Ministry employees and 631 academics. They join more than 100,000 people already suspended or dismissed from their jobs. Turkey's crackdown through dismissals and the arrest of some 41,000 people was begun to root out followers of U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen. The government claims he orchestrated the coup attempt that killed nearly 270 people; Gulen denies involvement. The purge has been expanded to include ties to other "terror organizations," including alleged links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party or the PKK. The PKK has been waging a three-decade-long insurgency and is considered a terror organization by Turkey and its allies, including the U.S.