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Bourkoff served as an adviser on Verizons $4.4 billion takeover of AOL in 2015 and Charter Communications $78 billion merger withTime Warner Cable earlier this year. Their conversation was brief and has not progressed since, the Times reported. But news of their talk comes as Trump continues to rail against the media, claiming news outlets including CNN and the New York Times are conspiring with his rival, Hillary Clinton. Trump claims those outlets are part of a conspiracy to rig the system against him. View photos Jared Kushner and Stephen Bannon watch Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Canton, Ohio, in September. (Mike Segar/Reuters) More And Trump has surrounded himself with people who are eager to capitalize on the populist movement that has propelled hisrise and the raucous audiences he attracts to his rallies. In August, Trump hired Breitbart News chairman Steve Bannon as his campaigns chief executive. And former Fox News chief Roger Ailes, Trumps longtime friend, has been serving as an informal adviser to the candidatesince being ousted from the top-rated cable network in July amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment. And althoughAiles would be prevented from working on a Trump startup because of a noncompete clause in his exit agreement, the Financial Times said, Fox News stars Sean Hannity and Bill OReilly would not.