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(Didem Tali) But even here my rent is 450 TL [$119] a month. I havent been able to pay the rent for a while. I am afraid the landlady might kick me out soon and I dont blame her. I asked for help from the local authorities and municipality, but they were reluctant to help me since I am a trans woman, Er, a former sex worker who can no longer work due to a disability, added. Ers neighborhood has been going through rapid transformation overthe last few years. From her window, she can see a mixture of old and rundown buildings, as well as ongoing constructions to replace them with new and upmarket residences. Look they came so close. The next building to be demolished could as well be mine, Er said, pointing at the new buildingsat the end of her street. I wake up every day with the noise of the constructions and wonder what would I do if I lose this place too. Since Ercannot work, I only survive with the help of friends who are also transgender sex workers, she said, she has no source of income. But nobody [in the transgender sex worker community] has money anymore, so they cannot help me much either, she added Oksan Er is one of the thousands of transgender women who severely feel the toll of the urban transformations in central Istanbul. Turkey is the most dangerous place to be a transgender person in Europe.

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